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Surefire Industries, LLC is an environmentally conscientious provider of superior quality equipment, built to withstand extreme conditions, for the global oil and gas industry.

  • Hydraulic Fracturing Units
  • Fracturing Blender Systems
  • Liquid Additive Systems
  • Liquid Gel Hydration Systems
  • Dry Gel Hydration Systems
  • Pump Down Units
  • Acid Pumping Systems
  • Twin Pumping Systems
  • Cementing Systems
  • Mobile Data Acquisition and Control Systems
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We take pride in our work. That means putting as much attention into designing, maintaining and retrofitting completion and stimulation equipment as we do into building it. Whatever the task, we’ll see that it’s done efficiently, and done right.

01 Products

Surefire Industries, LLC Special Guest

Surefire Industries gets a visit from Vince Young!


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